Climate finance with innovation integrity inclusion impact

Carbon Impact



tree seedling species

54,800 hectares planted

520,100 above ground biomass generated

2,756,000 tCO₂e removed

780,350 kWh solar energy

350,700 solar water pump users

550 local jobs created

3,560,000 tCO2e avoided

We use digital finance and innovative technologies to
drive environmental and socioeconomic benefits for
the people and communities most in need.

The Challenge

  • $5 


    in annual global climate finance is needed by 2030 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

    Climate Policy Initiative
  • low income countries excluded

    3% of global climate finance currently goes to the least developed countries.

    Climate Policy Initiative
  • 5 – 16

    metric tons of carbon must be removed from the atmosphere each year by 2050 to keep global warming below 1.5°C.


Carbon markets need more transparency and equitable distribution of value.

As carbon markets are poised to rapidly accelerate, only a small fraction of climate finance reaches communities in low-income countries today.

To help solve some of the inefficiencies in the market, we’ve built Cavex, a digital platform that connects climate conscious companies directly with carbon projects in countries most impacted by climate change.

Corporates with responsible climate strategies can trust Cavex to channel impactful financing that supports net zero commitments. Project partners and communities in climate vulnerable countries benefit from much needed finance towards achieving positive environmental and socioeconomic impact.

An equitable exchange of carbon value with measurable impact

How Cavex works

Cavex is a cloud-hosted platform that manages end-to-end transactions between carbon buyers and investors and projects on the ground generating positive climate impacts.

  • Use Cavex to interrogate 3rd party verified project data, execute transactions, and access full, end-to-end record of data for reporting. A process everyone can see and trust.

  • We use digital, remote monitoring tools to capture, verify and report micro-level carbon activity, coupled with digital financing models to move funds direct to projects. No question of who pays what, or who gets what.

  • Our platform provides an end-to-end solution, leveraging smart contracting models, outcomes-based financing, and ledger technology to support the timing and risk requirements of your organization.

  • We support organizations to achieve their climate goals with a simple, digital enabled process to make commitments, monitor outcomes, and report progress. Making achieving ESG agendas easy and impactful.

Why choose Cavex

  • integrity


    We blend climate science, cutting-edge technologies and digital finance in one platform to directly connect market participants, monitor real-time climate & SDG impact, and design smart financing models built on trusted data.

  • innovation


    Our robust approach to data verification and validation and end-to-end transparency ensures there is never a question of whether the climate impact has been achieved, or who has received the financing.

  • inclusion


    We create seamless market access for small-scale carbon projects to channel climate finance to regions and individuals most impacted by climate change, and ensure no one is left behind.

  • Impact

    Cavex maximizes the amount of climate finance reaching projects, communities, and individuals on the ground, delivering climate and socioeconomic impacts and creating long-term value for the markets most in need.

Digital technology can open up climate finance for 
many people, communities and projects that are 
displacing or removing carbon.

Nick Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder, Cavex

Types of projects

  • Renewable energy

    Solar Water Pumps


    Providing a clean, off-grid water supply for small-scale farmers in rural areas.

  • Transport



    Greening last mile delivery to make retail distribution more sustainable.

  • Agroforestry



    Restoring biomass and enabling carbon removal through local forestry projects.

  • Household & community

    Clean Cooking


    Improving household air quality & minimising deforestation by using clean energy.

  • Household & community



    Displacing fossil fuels with biomass for energy access in rural farming areas.

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